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Where is that $50,000,000!! "NEW DIYALA BRIDGE" Contract?

All facts are it's a "MYTH" created by Baghdad Burning.


President Bush is much smarter than most liberals thought and the 9/11 Commission confirms it in their report. However, I'm confident liberals haven't seen it because of their tendency to compartmentalize and not see outside of their little box.
President Bush has vision. He's already doing a lot of what the Commission says about terrorism.
Is al Qaeda the Enemy?
Usama Bin Ladin issued a fatwa declaring that every Muslim should try his utmost to kill any American, military or civilian, anywhere in the world.
Al Qaeda represents an ideological movement, not a finite group of people. In this way it has transformed itself into a decentralized force.
The enemy is not just "terrorism." It is the threat posed specifically by Islamist terrorism, by Bin Ladin and others who draw on a long tradition of extreme intolerance within a minority strain of Islam.
The enemy is a perversion of Islam that goes beyond al Qaeda to include the radical ideological movement, inspired in part by al Qaeda, that has spawned other terrorist groups and violence. Thus our strategy must match our means to two ends: dismantling the al Qaeda network and, in the long term, prevailing over the ideology that contributes to Islamist terrorism. (Goodbye Saddam!)
The U. S. government should identify and prioritize actual or potential terrorist sanctuaries and have realistic country or regional strategies for each. (Goodbye Saddam!)
Define the message and stand as an example of moral leadership in the world. (President Bush's message; The enemy are the terrorists and those that support them. Bring 'um on. )

Where is that $50,000,000!! "NEW DIYALA BRIDGE" Contract?

Almost a year ago Baghdad Burning laid claim to this myth...........and their is still no contract. :-)

Breaking News - Baghdad's Not Burning!
You've got to love this!

Baghdad Burning is gone.

WE GOT 'EM!!!  

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